Defining and Describing

Introducing the Language

of Literacy       Page by Page

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Ages: 3-1/2 - 7 years

120 perfect bound pages

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Introduce your young students to the concept of reading and the pleasure of books!

Teachers and speech/language pathologists expect young children to experience book sharing from a young age. We’d like to believe that all young children entering preschool or kindergarten could respond to an instruction such as, "Please open the book to the first page and point to the word under the picture."

Many young students will do just that, but children who enter preschool or kindergarten with little or no book experience might be puzzled by such an instruction. What can we do for children who enter school with limited print experience?

Children must be oriented to the purpose and order of books and to technical literacy terms. Introducing the Language of Literacy will help you level the playing field for students who need gentle orientation to books and print.

Sixteen individual make-it-yourself booklets within this book are introduced by one of four characters.

For each of the booklets a target word or concept is singled out and illustrated.

Finally, the concept of comprehension is strategically introduced. For each booklet a corresponding "question page" is presented. Children learn that after looking through or reading a book they will know something that they hadn't known before!

Children learn important book orientation skills and technical literacy terms as they enrich their language.

Each of 16, make-it-yourself 8 page booklets, is a language lesson in itself!