Introducing Print Awareness

Letter by Letter   Sound by Sound

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Ages: 4-7 years

144 perfect bound pages

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This book provides a structured means of introducing the concept of letters representing the sounds that make up words.

Each of the 26 letters of the alphabet is presented in both upper and lower case along with its finger spelling.

Sounds associated with letters are carefully presented. A detailed explanation telling how each sound is produced, along with a diagram showing the mouth formation, is given for each consonant and short vowel sound.

Words beginning with each sound/letter are pictured showing up to 20 pictures for each sound.

You’ll find games encouraging associating sounds and letters and activities for using initial sounds of words as clues.

Final and middle sounds of words are introduced. Pictures and suggestions for associating sounds and letters are presented for each of four consonant and five short vowel sounds.

Finally, 50 consonant/vowel/consonant words are pictured along with a template to help young students recognize the letters and produce the sounds forming each word.