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Ages: 18mo - 4yr & up

7 individual card sets

Item CP-C3 $129

Complete Preschool Picture Series


Our Complete Preschool Picture Series will help you guide your youngest language learners from first words to literacy!

Single words
18 months and up

Phrases and sentences
2 years and up

Sequenced events
3 years and up

Story structure -
the cornerstone of literacy in primary grades
4 years and up

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Begin with a child's first words.

Preschool First Pictures includes familiar pictures drawn to appeal to very young children.
The accompanying book, Preschool First Pictures and Words presents each of the color pictures in reproducible line drawings. Also in this book you'll find discussions to help you get to know the one, two and three year old child, followed by suggestions for stimulating language at each of these ages.

Preschool First Pictures (cards)

Preschool First Pictures and Words (book)

Set includes 51 pictures presented on 5-1/4 x 6-1/4 inch sturdy cards in a sturdy corrugated storage box. An 8-1/2 x 11 inch, 87 page book is included.

Age 18 months and up

CP-034                                 $39.95

Advance to phrases and sentences.

Help your young students combine words into phrases and sentences using these three picture card sets. Each set contains 28, 5-1/4 x 6-1/4 inch sturdy cards drawn especially to appeal to children. Suggested stimulus sentences are printed on the backs of each card. Cards are packaged in a durable corrugated storage box.

Each card set comes with a 32 page Teacher's Guide that presents all pictures in the set in reproducible line drawings along with teaching suggestions.

Preschool Action Words introduces your students to action words and simple noun/verb sentences.

Preschool Beginning Sentences helps young learners form simple subject/verb/object sentences.

Preschool Beginning Spatial Concepts illustrates early basic concepts. These pictures clearly portray many of the spatial concepts that children between two and three years of age acquire: on, off, up, down, in, under, in front, in back, next to and over.

Preschool Action Words (CP-031)
Preschool Beginning Sentences (CP-032)
Preschool Beginning Spatial Concepts (CP-033)

Each set includes 28 pictures packaged in a durable corrugated storage box and a 32 page Teacher's Guide.

Age 2 years and up
Price $21.95 each set, $59.95 all three sets

Help your students get ready for literacy!

Our Preschool First Sequence Pictures enable you to introduce the notion of sequenced events. Understanding that events occur in logical sequence is a fundamental pre-literacy skill. Each of the two sets includes ten, three part sequences featuring children or animals. These full color pictures were drawn with young children in mind and are presented on sturdy 5 x 6-1/4 inch cards.

Preschool First Sequence Pictures - Set 1 (CP-035)

Preschool First Sequence Pictures - Set 2 (CP-036)

Each set includes 30 pictures cards packaged in a durable corrugated storage box.

Age 3 years and up

Price $21.95 each set, $39.95 for both sets

Finally, take your young students into the world of literacy!

Preschool First Stories presents ten six-part stories on large color cards. Each of these stories is also presented in reproducible line drawings in the accompanying Teacher's Guide.

Present a story in left to right sequence using color picture cards, then present the same story in book form using line drawings from the Teacher's Guide. This helps students transition and apply their understanding of logical sequence to book format.

The 88 page Teacher's Guide also presents helpful suggestions for introducing narrative (story) structure to young learners and a question guide to help you determine student's comprehension of each part of the story.

Preschool First Stories (CP-040)

Set includes 60 sturdy color cards, each 5 x 6-1/4 inches, packaged in a sturdy corrugated storage box. An 88 page, 8-1/2 x 11 inch Teacher's Guide is included.

Age 4 years and up

Price $39.95