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Ages: 4-Adult

113 perfect bound pages

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Teaching Kids of All Ages to Ask Questions


You'll find dozens of lessons - lots and lots of pictures and activities to help you teach kids of all ages to ask questions - and enjoy doing it !!

Teaching Kids of All Ages to Ask Questions is designed to help students learn a most perplexing syntactic phenomenon - formulating questions.

Forming a question often involves reversing the order of some words of a sentence.

Use ideas in the first part of the book with younger children. Lessons focus on reversing word order of sentences to form questions.

There's plenty of practice using "question words."

You'll also find a review of syntax and morphology as related to forming questions - an excellent reference for teachers and speech/language pathologists.


  1. Simple past, present and future tense

  2. Regular and irregular verbs

  3. Progressive present, past and future tense verbs

  4. Perfect present, past and future tense verbs

  5. Perfect progressive present, past and future tense verbs

  6. Negative questions

  7. Modal auxiliary verbs

  8. Passive form of verbs

  9. Reported speech or indirect discourse

  10. Conditional statements

  11. Tag questions

Activities for older students and adults are also included. These activities target particular types of questions. You'll find hundreds of items challenging students to form and/or answer questions.

Many of the activities in this part of the book are excellent for those learning English as a second language.