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Ages: K-6 years

120 spiral bound pages

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Sequence Meaning Order


Sequence Meaning Order will help you show - over and over again - that if it's out of order it doesn't make sense!

Help students improve communication as well as

literacy skills.

Some specific skills addressed include:

  1. phoneme sequencing

  2. phoneme synthesis

  3. phoneme manipulation

  4. syllable manipulation

  5. compound word manipulation

  6. correct ordering of words in sentences/questions

  7. understanding the logical sequence of events

  8. correct ordering of events in sequence

Phonological ability, working memory and logical sequencing, are important elements of a student’s communication and literacy development–activities in the first part of this book are designed to strengthen all of these areas. Students blend sounds into words, order syllables in words and organize words into sentences or questions. The ability to sequence sounds and syllables in words is essential to success in reading and spelling. The ability to organize events in sequence, sentence by sentence is necessary to succeed in writing tasks. Picture cues and enjoyable activities help students find success with pleasure as they improve these important skills.

Students will...

... improve phonemic awareness as you focus on sounds within words,

... improve working memory as they unscramble these scrambled sentences,

... practice properly ordering events in sequence.

Learn the very basic rule of logic:
If it's out of order it doesn't make sense!